Parent Feedback

“I could not have asked for a better preschool to send my kids! Between my two children we have now been at Learning Springs going on 4 years. The school, as a whole, does an excellent job at fostering a love for learning. The school has 4 different classrooms based on age of child and the child’s Kindergarten start date.  It provides a full spectrum of education starting with the basics (alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, etc) to specialized areas (phonics, reading, science, cooking, math, etc). Learning Springs provides a good balance between structured educational time and free play/learning time. My children are so excited about the new things that they learn. I enjoy listening to what my kids have to share about the things they’ve learned in school.”

Esther T.


“Learning Springs is a fantastic preschool!  We currently have 2 children attending, and my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the school, its Director and the teachers. The Director’s philosophy is that if children have a great first experience with school, it will foster a lifelong love of learning, and children will really enjoy school for the duration of their education.  We believe she is right on track with this philosophy, and our children are off to a great start – they certainly enjoy  school at Learning Springs!”

Sharon M.


“I was explaining how Learning Springs worked as a preschool to a friend and she commented, “Wow , that sounds like a great school.” I really appreciate the parental communication, the updates on current curriculum in the classroom and the shared community you create for parents. I am very happy with Learning Springs and fortunate that I chose this school for my child.”

Deborah M.


The classrooms are large, appealing, clean, organized, and well equipped. The playground large with multiple play structures. They also have a great curriculum which had my daughter coming home excited about all the things they were learning each day. She still sings a lot of the songs she learned almost 2.5 years ago .

Arshia H.


“The director noticed that my older son exhibited some characteristics of a child with Asperger’s and after I had him assessed, he was diagnosed as Asperger’s.  He has been getting pragmatic speech therapy and social training since he was four years old.  He received such great training at LSA to help with his social issues.  He went on to a regular classroom in public elementary school where he is on the honor roll. “

Jane F.