About Us

A brief History

As a parent, one of your biggest challenges is to select the best possible preschool for your child.

At Learning Springs, we understand this and strive to provide a safe, therapeutic, nurturing and stimulating environment in which every child can thrive while receiving individual attention from caring and experienced staff.

Learning Springs recently celebrated 10 years as an educational institution in the San Jose community. From our inception as one small classroom to the thriving program we have become, Learning Springs is a mainstay in the San Jose community. LSA was founded in April 2006 by Lucia D’Souza to provide an inclusion program of academic excellence and developmentally appropriate curriculum for all children. Our School Age Program was added in 2008 with the K1 program following in 2012.


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These are the pillars upon which Learning Springs is built to ensure success for your child.

Each classroom at the Learning Springs is carefully designed to foster learning experiences while at the same time teaching each child critical skills such as social interaction, literacy and independence.

We staff our classrooms with experienced, credentialed teachers who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise when planning out the daily curriculum.

Learning Springs gives Silicon Valley parents the unique opportunity to provide their children with a preschool that truly represents a microcosm of the outside world.

Our staff base their daily lesson plans on the following philosophy:

Each child brings a unique experience, background and skills to our setting and it is our job to encourage, validate and honor these differences.

Discovery, exploration, active learning and curiosity are foundation stones that we use to help children learn both academically and socially.

A learning environment that is rich, stimulating and safe is critical to ensure that children feel comfortable furthering their knowledge and fulfilling their potential.

Non Discrimination/Anti-Bias Policy

Learning Springs Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status, national origin or sexual preference

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